Technical nuances when choosing a non-residential area for organizing catering and restaurant establishments

November 12, 2021

1. The building is a residential building. Rooms for rent are usually based on the ground floor.

A set of initial data and documentation for the design of the project (technical solution):

1.1. Site map of the lot where the house is located.
1.2. Inventory plan for rental properties.
1.3 Part of the floor plan above the rental property.
1.4. Specifications of the power grid installed in the rental property.
1.5. Specifications for electricity, water, and wastewater feed-in points.
The management company usually provides a copy of the technical passport.

Facility specifications:

*The facilities must have at least two entrances. Seats of 50 or more are required to have two exits (main entrance and emergency exit) from the dining room as per fire safety requirements. Evacuation exits can be service entrances for personnel.
*A separate entrance/exit from the main roadside is required for loading/unloading food and beverages. Unloading in the backyard of the building or under the windows of the apartments above is prohibited.
Ideally, a room with an estimated seat capacity greater than 50 should have three entrances to the room. The main entrance for visitors to the hall, the service entrance for staff (from the courtyard side), and the product loading/unloading entrance. It may not be possible to unload food and beverages through the doorway, but if possible, you can install a properly equipped window for unloading, provided there is no damage to the façade of the building.

2. Здание общественное (торгово-развлекательный комплекс, гостиница и т.п.).
Набор исходных данных и документов для оформления проекта ТХ (Технологические решения):

2. Public buildings (shopping and entertainment centers, hotels, etc.).
A set of initial data and documentation for the design of the project (technical solution):

2.1. Facility plans showing supply points for electricity, water, sewage networks, and ventilation.
2.2. Specifications of the power grid installed in the rental property and the presence or absence of hot water.
2.3. The terms and conditions set by the landlord for the delivery of food and beverages to the facilities and the removal of the garbage. It is usually stated in the rental agreement. However, if you are considering the possibility of renting, we do request formal certification on these aspects from the landlord.

Also to consider:

The presence or absence of windows (natural light) in the proposed production facility will have a significant impact on the future status of the restaurant or catering style. If there are no windows, a fast-food restaurant may be a better choice. With windows, you can create cafes and restaurants.

The possibilities of installing coal-fired appliances: separate conditions are determined depending on the type of building and the conditions of the management company. As a rule, it is permissible to install certified equipment without open fire if a separate chimney is built or the equipment is connected to an industrial ventilation system with a hydro filter.

If the rental property is supplied with gas, limits for those connections are set individually by the tenant. The registration period is about 6 months.

A complete list of start dates, technical conditions of construction work on the rental property, and assignment of catering companies is drawn up and received by the company selected by the general designer of this property with the assistance of the customer.

Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing(Rospotrebnadzor) registration forms:

*Notification - no additional project expertise.
A developed project consisting of sections:
Architectural solutions, technical solutions, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical equipment, and lighting (the composition of the sections depends on the characteristics of the premises and the technical equipment used) are submitted to the Rospotrebnadzor authority with a notification application.

*Based on positive assessment (usually non-governmental) at the time of application.

All characteristics and procedures are determined by the Regional Offices of Rospotrebnadzor.
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