November 05, 2021
Our industry legislation contains many regulations related to sanitation and hygiene. In my opinion, some of them are greatly overrated, but their adherence is necessary for subsequent approval of the project. However, other criteria are also clearly underestimated, especially in the area of ​​ventilation and air conditioning. Fortunately, our negotiating bodies are open to deviations from what improvement entails.

If you strictly obey the ventilation design standards you will get kitchen odors to escape and leak outside the work area. Try to remember the smell of Soviet kitchens. I've seen kitchens where ventilation projects have been carried out by good professionals and professors, but still: You come out of there and you smell like cooking oil. However, since there are no formal offenses, such projects are accepted. Cooks work in very hot environments, and when the balance is thrown off and the guest area is heavily ventilated, all the kitchen smells are drawn into the dining room. For ventilation standards, it is worth increasing the air exchange rate and increasing the exhaust power of the kitchen system. I have discussed this issue with Western experts. Their ventilation standards are three times higher than our standards. For example, in the Grand Hotel Europe, the ventilation was designed by a Western company to its standards, and there is no problem.
MY OPINION: We recommend installing stronger ventilation for clients working according to Western standards. Remember that in the hot kitchen above the equipment is usually a separate, stronger exhaust system installed. Similar to a dishwasher area where excess heat and steam must be effectively collected.

Our regulations do not require air conditioning in the kitchen at all.
MY OPINION: install it. Don't expect the ceiling air conditioner in the kitchen to be in the "Michelin" category. Nothing special here. Now, many cooks, already aware of normal working conditions, demand the installation of air conditioning. These days, it's not common to work for a company that doesn't have an air conditioner or shower in the kitchen.
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