Our industry legislation contains many regulations related to sanitation and hygiene. Some of them are of a very high standard, but compliance with them is mandatory for the subsequent approval of the project. Other standards, on the other hand, are either highly underestimated or exist only on paper and are rarely practiced.

This way sanitary regulations require the presence of water drains, but few restaurant establishments are equipped with them.

Those who ignore this standard fall behind in modern times. Granny with a mop no longer is part of a professional kitchen. Now the kitchens are cleaned with a hose with a bottle of detergent attached to it.

Why is this done? Very easy. Something falls on the floor near the cook. Do you think he will pick it up? Of Course not. Most of the time it gets kicked under the table. In the evening, when the shift is done and the cooks leave the kitchen, specially trained people come in to clean it - this is the steward service. They connect the hose and remove from under the tables and equipment all the dirt and scraps of food that flew off during work. Think about it: Why do all "Soviet" kitchens foul odors? Because it’s simply impossible to properly clean the whole kitchen in that environment.

Oftentimes the kitchen has a drainage system but it's poorly made. In our country, for some reason, they are often 55 mm in diameter and quickly clog up.

✅What you need is a standard sewer pipe of 100 mm diameter.

✅The drain trenches should have a deep cavity.

In my opinion:
When designing restaurant kitchen floors, I always slope down the floor and put the drains in the most convenient spot. In the Western hotel business, their presence is simply a mandatory requirement. Fortunately, more and more restaurateurs understand the value of such systems. The cost is not very high, and the effect is very beneficial. This ensures hygiene hygiene in the workplace.
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